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# Extract data from SCATT files

You can extract data from your SCATT Professional files with zliobaite/Scatt-analysis (GitHub)

Alternatively you can use jbm42/scatt2json (GitHub) to extract data to JSON

Only works on Windows 32-bits. On Windows 64-bits run it from "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe".

# Upload on scatt-database or open in SCATT Professional files created in SCATT program for MS-DOS (.AIM). How can I do this?

SCATT Professional program is incompatible with some SCATT file versions for MS-DOS. In order to transform such files into a new format, you should:

  1. Download ( and install SCATT Solution program (16 bit)
  2. Copy old files into the folder "C:\winscatt". Files' extension should be ".AIM"
  3. Launch SCATT Solution program (16 bit)
  4. Open each file and record it, through "Save" in menu option "File". Files will be saved in the format, which is compatible with SCATT Professional program.
  5. Copy renewed files from folder "C:\winscatt" into the folder "C:\Scatt catalog"

# Anonymize SCATT files

Check "Anonymize SCATT files" to replace your name within the SCATT file by "".

The file is completely anonymized. So your name will not appear in the list of files nor shooters.

# How to analyze SCATT data & charts




# SCATT data analysis: S2 > S1

Explanation about S1 and S2 columns and why S2 should not be superior to S1:

# SCATT data analysis: S1 value

Good S1 values for reference:

You can also see our advanced statistics to compare you with other shooters from scatt-database.

# Full scatt-expert file

Download the full scatt-expert file with 1834 training sessions from 144 shooters (~400MB). The training sessions are from SCATT website.

This SCATT file is provided by You can find other SCATT files here in a SCATT Storage.

# SCATT file size

scatt-expert and scatt-basic files can exceed the size limit of 10MB. If that the case don't hesitate to send us your files, we will upload them.

Our email address: contact[at]

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