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Adam Gladyszewski

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EventEvent nameResultAverage result# of shotsCaliberDistanceEvent DateViewDownload
P AR1010m Air Rifle 605.610.093604.5102006-02-06View Download
P AR1010m Air Rifle 622.110.368604.5102005-02-03View Download
P AR1010m Air Rifle 621.410.357604.5102005-02-01View Download
P AR1010m Air Rifle 621.210.353604.5102005-01-26View Download
P AR1010m Air Rifle 617.110.285604.5102005-01-22View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 601.310.022605.6502004-03-11View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 413.110.327405.6502003-05-28View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 613.810.23605.6502003-05-24View Download

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