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Шипулин Антон

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EventEvent nameResultAverage result# of shotsCaliberDistanceEvent DateViewDownload
P SBR5050m Rifle 11069.2171205.6502017-01-17View Download
P BTLNBiathlon 1280.7491715.6502017-01-17View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 257.78.053325.6502017-01-17View Download
P BTLNBiathlon 460.708655.6502017-01-17View Download
P BTLNBiathlon 1120.9181225.6502016-12-13View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 1108.96.9741595.6502016-12-13View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 808.77.0941145.6502016-12-06View Download
P BTLNBiathlon 1640.8861855.6502016-12-06View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 37.97.5855.6502016-12-06View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 851.19.457905.6502016-03-10View Download
P BTLNBiathlon 1670.9381785.6502016-03-10View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 516.89.938525.6502016-01-20View Download
P BTLNBiathlon 1490.8561745.6502016-01-20View Download
P SBR5050m Rifle 470.17.462635.6502016-01-20View Download
P BTLNBiathlon 1100.7971385.6502016-01-20View Download

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